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    Production software is sort of company specific, what follows is some information and various screen shots of different production software

    This application will collect all production and reject information from the lines, as well as barcode product as needed. Product that is bar-coded clearly shows the name of the company, serial number, production line, produced date / time, bar/rack number, and position on the bar/rack. Using the barcode’s serial number you can retrieve all the information on the part as well as if there were any parts rejected from the same bar, lab tests preformed, it's state raw or replate, etc. Up to the minute production, rejects and cost of poor quality reports / graphs available form any machine on the network. Other features that can bee added; Production Planning and Schedule Attainment, Multi stage Polishing production, Scheduling and Schedule Attainment.

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bulletNo Endless Payments, Purchase and it's yours
bulletNo Annual Maintenance Fees
bulletNo Extra Charges For Number of Users
bulletNo Reasonable Phone Support Fees
bulletThis is not "Canned Software"
bulletSections of the software can be tailored to fit your specific needs
bulletNew Ideas / Sections can be developed
bulletCustomer Information
bulletCustomer Records
bulletCustomer Name & Number
bulletBill to / Ship to Addresses
bulletPurchasing, Production, Quality, General Manager Contact Information with Name, Phone Number, Cell Phone Number, Fax Number, and E-mail Address
bulletMulti-page Notes
bulletCustomer Part Information
bulletPart Information Records
bulletFinish Type
bulletLength, Width, Depth, Surface Area, Finished Surface Area
bulletPcs / Pack, Pack Weight, Part Weight
bulletProcedure Instructions (Inspection, Packing, Racking, Assembly, and Polishing)
bulletPcs / Rack, Racks / Bar, and Rack Available
bulletRack Storage Information (Rack ID, Rack Group, and Rack Location)
bulletPart Size, Weight, Finished Area
bulletBlueprint Reference and Location
bulletSpecification Codes, Revision Date, and Frequency of Testing
bulletSpecifications on Layer thicknesses, Cass, Step, MPCC, etc.
bulletReference Picture, with built in JPG Compression Wizard and picture adjustment tools
bulletObserved Racking, Polishing, and Inspection Timings.
bullet"Bottleneck" Time and Description
bulletBuffing/Polishing Resources (Manual/Automatic)
bulletRecipe Number
bulletPart Name Change Revision History stores the old part number, discontinued date, and initials (up to 15 revisions)
bulletVarious Printouts
bulletWork Instructions
bulletFull Page Part Picture
bulletPart List & Information
bulletProduction Report Line Entry  & Exit / Unload
bulletThe Unload station's screen always shows a graph of the top defects in the last 50 bars/racks.
bulletAny supervisor/foreman walking by can easily see the type and quantity of the defects.
bulletDefects can be Scanned or Hand entered
bulletBar coding of product for traceability
bulletCustomer parts can be flagged to print Traceability barcodes upon unloading.
bulletThe barcodes print your company name, date, time, shift, bar/rack number, production line, position of product on the bar/rack, and barcode (the item used to access all production information on the product)
bulletAll production related information can be recalled with just the barcode.
bulletOffers 100% traceability on customer concerns or returns
bulletAssists the lab staff when doing physical testing on parts as the date, time, line, and possibly tanks the part went through are easily and accurately available.
bulletInspection and Defect (reject) Recording
bulletDefects are broken into three major categories: Scrap, Re-workable, and Manufacturing.
bulletOption to record fisher scope thickness information
bulletEach reading taken displays in half screen high letters the current reading, the Part they should be on and the P-Point they should be on, as well as the Average, High and Low Reading for the bar/rack.
bulletReadings under specification turn red, good readings are green
bulletReal Time Production & Defect Viewer
bulletEstimates Production by end of the current shift based on how the production line is currently performing. (Production Rate, Reject %, etc)
bulletDisplays all collected data about each rack and the elapsed time between racks
bulletElapsed time is color coded so it's easy to spot when production delays occur.
bulletAlways know the date, time and estimated duration of production loss
bulletReports can be printed from any date/time to any date/time and can optionally include:
bulletDetails of each Bar/Rack
bulletCustomer Totals
bulletPart Totals
bulletAccounting Period Totals (13 definable Periods in a year)
bulletDefect Totals
bulletShift Totals
bulletDate Totals
bulletLine Totals
bulletProduces various graphs
bulletTotal Parts Produced by Part
bulletTop Ten Defects
bulletDefects By Selected Part, as well as FTQ, Amount Good, Scrap, and Re-workable.
bulletRack Utilization
bulletSPC Charts of Fisher Scope Thickness readings by date/part
bulletDocument Revision Control System
bulletMost printouts in the software you can specify your document control information
bulletPrintouts show your company name at the top, and Revision Level, Date, Originator name, Approval name, and Form number.
bulletIf the information is left black the form number states that it is an "Uncontrolled Document"
bulletOther things that can be done with collected Production Information
bulletRevenue Generated & Cost of Poor Quality Reports
bulletGraphs and reports on the jobs that are costing the most money to run
bulletCOPQ Per Bar/Rack
bulletProduction Scheduling
bulletSeven Day Production Scheduling with up to 100 Parts per Schedule
bulletCan pull actual produced totals form production reports
bulletCalculates hrs needed to rack, inspect and polish product on the schedule to assure there is enough man hrs to properly run the schedule
bulletCalculates the number of Bars/Racks need per shift
bulletPrints weekly or daily production schedules for the plant, or by production line.
bulletSchedule Attainment
bulletAttaching Hoist Tracking Information to the produced product
bulletIf your PLC currently tracks the bars through the tanks and produces a log file, this information can be attached to the produced parts serial number (bar code.)
bulletExtra Options
bulletBackup / Restore Data
bulletPerforms a "Quick" compressed backup to the Hard disk (used daily) or optionally backup to any storage device (floppy disks, Zip Disks, Network Drive.) Complete with a backup manager, and information.
bulletProgram Changes Information
bulletDisplays program update information or additional information on enhancements on new versions installed.
bulletApplication Usage Log
bulletLogs Program events (Items added, modified, deleted, and in some cases printed)
bulletRecords the date, time, username, reference number, action preformed, and Item / Description
bulletUpon Login / Logoff Records the Workstation ID, Location and Description of the computer being used to access the application
bulletDisplays a graph of number of logged items per logon name
bulletDisplay a single users entries, or only log entries with a specific phrase
bulletThis allows the production manager, or other staff to monitor options used in the application and the time it is taking users to enter reports / data
bulletYou can purge the system log completely, or keep only the last week, last two weeks, last month, etc.
bulletProgram Version Information
bulletDisplays the current software version, Registered Company, and serial number.
bulletShow System Information
bulletDisplays complete information on the system, database engine, and network. Performs version checking of the various custom controls that the application uses.
bulletUser Access Setup
bulletAllows the software administrator to setup user accounts with various access rights.
bulletFour Levels of security for each section View, Add, Modify, and Full (Delete.)
bulletSupports over 100 defined users
bulletGeneral Features
bulletOn menu, and screen calendar
bulletA date can be painted one of several colors, and a note can be entered
bulletOne key programmable unit conversion on quantity fields (e.g. Pounds <>Kilograms, Gallons <>Letters Inches of Solution to Pounds, etc.)
bulletTested and running for over nine years in more then one industrial finishing company.
bulletNetwork Compatible, fully tested under Novell NetWare, Windows For Workgroups, Windows 95/98/ME, Windows NT 3.5 - 2000, and Windows XP.
bulletCan be used on a stand-alone unit or data entry / display workstations can be placed in key locations on the plant floor / finishing line.
bulletCut, Copy, Paste to / from any application
bulletThe program pre-fills all date fields with the current date. All entered, or modified dates are verified to be existing calendar dates. The user can also select a date from an on screen calendar, or press various keys; "Y" Yesterday, "N" Now/Today, "T" Tomorrow, etc.
bulletTo make the task of entering data easier and training time less, a similar format is used in all sections of the program. All reports consist of a form that is filled with previous data, or is blank into which you view or enter new data, and a set of buttons. The buttons always have the same features and are 'VCR Like.' for example "|<" "<", ">", ">|" ,"ADD", "EDIT", "FIND", etc.

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Dura-Chrome, Wallaceburg, Ontario.

Chromeshield_Logo.gif (5964 bytes)

Chromeshield Co., Windsor, Ontario

Chrome Craft Corp.

Highland Park, Michigan

A.W.K. Industrial Coatings, Chatham, Ontario

Walt Industries

Taylor, Michigan

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    Here is some pictures of the Various Production Tracking application, (you can click on any image to view a full screen version) please note that the data is factices and may appear "strange" in areas  :)

Customers & Parts;




Production Entry and Barcode Printing;

Management (What's going on at a glance "Production Viewers");




Serial Number Tracking; (Lookup Serial Number Screen)

NOT DONE! - More to come...

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E-Mail:   at: andrew@softwareartist.com

By Mail: The Software Artist Limited, 195 Ellis Street, Chatham, Ontario, Canada, N7L 2L9

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