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Human Resources / Punch Clock allows your employees to punch in and out, break down there hrs into job classes. This information is used for payroll, and also interfaces with various production applications we produce. (labor costs / bar, etc.) It also included many human resources functions and employee management, Attendance Tracking, Employee Incident Tracking, etc.

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bulletNo Endless Payments, Purchase it and it's yours
bulletNo Annual Maintenance Fees
bulletNo Extra Charges For Number of Users
bulletNo Reasonable Phone Support Fees
bulletNo Expensive Swipe Card, or other Reader System Used
bulletThis is not "Canned Software"
bulletSections of the software can be tailored to fit your specific needs
bulletNew Ideas / Sections can be developed
bulletComplete Employee File;
bulletRecorded Information Includes:
bulletAll Basic Information (Address, Phone, Sin, etc)
bulletBirthdates, Hired On, Seniority Date, Laid Off On, Terminated On Dates
bulletJob Classification
bulletNumber of Days Worked
bulletPunch clock code, department, and lunch code
bulletEmergency contact information
bulletDependents name, sex, and birth date
bulletEmployee Training Records
bulletDiscipline Issues
bulletInsurance Policy Information
bulletVarious flags, Active, Union Rep, H&S Rep, Student, Management. etc.
bulletPay Rate for each shift
bulletOvertime Pay Rules (how it's calculated)
bulletTraining Records
bulletPrintouts Include:
bulletSeniority Lists
bulletEmployee Dependents List
bulletBasic Employee Information
bulletAll Employee Information
bulletEmployee Training
bulletEmployee Phone/Address/etc List
bulletEmployee Time Cards
bulletPay Rate Lists
bulletEmployee Attendance Tracking, Analysis, and Graphing
bullet12 Definable Issues & Colors
bulletEasily 'paint' attendance issues on on-screen calendar
bulletEmployee can have more then one issue per day
bulletIssues can have a description, shift affected, replacement workers name, and entered by Initials
bulletCalendar system can be zoomed from a year, six month, three month, and one month view.
bulletGraphs, Totals and Printouts Include:
bulletTop Ten Employees (offenders)
bulletTop Issues
bulletDay of Week & Shifts
bulletMonth Totals
bulletEmployee Classification Totals
bulletEmployees with no Attendance Issues
bulletReplacement Worker Totals
bulletSingle Employee or Multiple Employees
bulletCalendars in various views (year, six month, three month, and one month)
bulletConfigurable Employee Overview
bulletOne Click access for supervisors to limited employee information, and reports
bulletConfigure the number of days each section displays
bulletAll Basic Information, Name, Address, Hired on, Sen Date, Phone Number, etc.
bulletIssues from the Employee Discipline File
bulletIssues from the Employee Heath & Safety File
bulletAttendance Issues
bulletView Punch Cards
bulletAll Training Records
bulletPunch Card Summary Reports & Graphs
bulletRun Graphs and Reports on one or more employees
bulletCalculate Pays, and Hrs by Shift
bulletTotal Employee Hrs
bulletDepartment Totals
bulletClassification Totals
bulletShift Totals
bulletJob Code Totals
bulletLabor Matrix Totals
bulletAttendance Issues Print With Punch Records
bulletEmployee Time Card / Sheet Editor
bulletView and edit punch card history
bulletView by Employee Name, Punch In Order, Length of Lunch Time, or Date
bulletColor codes punches for easy identification (Green = Punch OK, Yellow = No Punch Out, etc)
bulletMany Shortcut buttons to speed up editing of data
bulletReg Day/Aft/Mid button for entering time frames for regular shifts
bullet= Out, = In, Out - 1 Day, In + 1 Day buttons for eliminating repetitive date entries
bulletEdit Employee Calendar (Attendance) without leaving to the main menu
bulletExpiry Dates reminder system
bulletEmployee Incident (Accident, etc) Tracking and Graphing
bulletRecorded Information Includes;
bulletDate, Time of Incident
bulletFilled Date
bulletMedical Treatment Date
bulletType of Incident (Hazardous Situation, Injury - No Claim, Injury - Claim)
bulletMedical Attention (None, First Aid, Medical Aid, F&M Aid)
bulletEmployee Name
bulletPart Of Body Effected
bulletDepartment, Production Line/Costing Area
bulletLost Labor Hours
bulletPreventive Measures
bulletIncident Report Num
bulletIssue Closed (Yes/No)
bulletRe-Occurring (Yes/No)
bulletWSIB Claim (Yes/No)
bulletInitials, and Revision Information
bulletGraphs & Printed Reports;
bullet# of Incidents per Employee, Department, Line, Day of Week
bulletLost Hrs per Department, Day Of Week, Line
bulletType Of Incident
bulletTreatment Types
bulletCombined Incident & Treatment
bulletEmployee Vacation Planner
bulletKeep track of who is off, and when
bulletFour Layers of Calendars (Plant Wide, Supervisor, Union, and Management Vacation Overlap)
bulletSeniority Lists / Call in order lists
bulletPlant wide, or by Job classificaion
bulletPunch Clock Terminals
bulletOne or more Punch clock stations can be placed in building
bulletPunch In/Out, Lunch In/Out
bulletFonts and Text in Clear 1/2" to a whopping 4" High Letters
bulletCan function on a keypad, keyboard, mouse, or keyboard and mouse
bulletSend employee messages through the punch clock eg. "See payroll before leaving"
bulletOptionally Employee can brake down his/her hrs into job functions within classifications
bulletView Employee Timecard
bulletDocument Revision Control System
bulletMost printouts in the software you can specify your document control information
bulletPrintouts show your company name at the top, and Revision Level, Date, Originator name, Approval name, and Form number.
bulletIf the information is left black the form number states that it is an "Uncontrolled Document"
bulletExports data to other applications, and in CSV format for importing into Excel, etc.
bulletCan interfaces employee job time with other Labworks applications
bulletProduction Hrs vs Product Produced, etc.
bulletExtra Options
bulletBackup / Restore Data
bulletPerforms a "Quick" compressed backup to the Hard disk (used daily) or optionally backup to any storage device (floppy disks, Zip Disks, Network Drive.) Complete with a backup manager, and information
bulletProgram Changes Information
bulletDisplays program update information or additional information on enhancements on new versions installed
bulletApplication Usage Log
bulletRecords the date, time, username, reference number, action preformed, and Item / Description
bulletRecords the machines Network ID / Location when the application starts
bulletThis allows a manager, or other staff to monitor options used in the application and the time it is taking users to enter reports / data
bulletVarious Graphs and Search functions
bulletProgram Version Information
bulletDisplays the current software version, registered company, and serial number
bulletShow System Information
bulletDisplays complete information on the system, database engine, and network. Performs version checking of the various custom controls that the application uses
bulletUser Access Setup
bulletAllows the software administrator to setup user accounts with various access rights
bulletFour Levels of security for each section View, Add, Modify, and Full (Delete.)
bulletSupports over 100 defined users
bulletGeneral Features
bulletOn menus, and date field popup calendar
bulletA date can be painted one of ten colors, and notes can be entered
bulletQuick and Easy Information Entry
bulletThe program pre-fills fields where possible
bulletCut, Copy, Paste to / from any application
bulletDate fields are filled with the current date. All entered, or modified dates are verified to be existing calendar dates. The user can also select a date from an on screen calendar, or press various keys; "Y" Yesterday, "N" Now/Today, "T" Tomorrow, "L" Last Date Entered, etc.
bulletTime Fields are filled with the current time. Accelerator keys "D"ays, "A"fternoons, and "M"idnights, as well as "N"ow, and other functions are available.
bulletTo make training time less, a similar format is used in all sections of the program.
bulletAll sections consist of a form that is filled with previous data, or is blank into which you view, modify, or enter new data, and a set of buttons. The buttons always have the same features and are 'VCR Like.' for example "|<" "<", ">", ">|" ,"ADD", "EDIT", "FIND", etc.
bulletTested design and in use for over eight years in more then one industrial finishing company.
bulletNetwork Compatible, Runs under Windows 95/98/ME, Windows NT 3.5 - 2000, and Windows XP.
bulletCan be used on a stand-alone unit or data entry / display workstations can be placed in key locations in the shop
bulletMachine Requirements
bulletMinimum Usable Configuration (Suitable for a standalone Punch clock Terminal)
bulletPentium 933Mhz, 256Mb Ram, Windows 95, 800x600 SVGA, 256 Colors, Network Card
bulletSuggested Configuration for all program features
bulletPentium 1.2Ghz, 512Mb Ram, Windows XP or higher, 1024x768 Resolution, 16Bit Color, Network Card

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Riverview Gardens

Riverview Gardens, Chatham, Ontario

Dura-Chrome, Wallaceburg, Ontario.

Chromeshield_Logo.gif (5964 bytes)

Chromeshield Co., Plant #1, and Plant #2, Windsor, Ontario

A.W.K. Industrial Coatings, Chatham, Ontario

Riverside Fabrication, Windsor, Ontario

Chrome Craft Corp.

Highland Park, Michigan

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    Here is some pictures of the Human Resources / Punch Clock application, you can click on any image to view a full screen version.

Software Menus:


Employee Punch In/Out Examples:

Time Card Reports Examples:

Attendance Report Examples:

Employee Record Example Screens:


Employee Incident Tracking

Various Program Section Examples: (Not all screens shown)


Some Extra Options Examples:


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    Here is just a few printout samples, they are in Adobe Acrobat Format.

bulletCombined Attendance Summary Report
bulletAttendance Totals
bulletTime Cards - Employee Summary
bulletTime Cards - Department Summary
bulletTime Cards - Job Codes Summary
bulletTime Cards - Punch In/Out (Pay) Report
bulletMore Samples To Come


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E-Mail:   at: andrew@softwareartist.com

By Mail: The Software Artist Limited, 195 Ellis Street, Chatham, Ontario, Canada, N7L 2L9

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