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Providing Buzzer & On/Off Relay Control Systems for over 15 years!
Product has a proven track record of running 24/7 in excess of 11 years




    The Buzzer Controller / Alarm Scheduler can be programmed from any machine on the network to fire a buzzer (shift start/end, lunch, break, wash-up, etc) at set times. Over 100 Alarms can be programmed to fire in one of three patterns, on the selected days of the week. This hardware allows you to sync your network time with the buzzers in your plant / time clock. The hardware also comes with one aux relay controller that can be programmed to turn on or off any device at preset times, or used as a second alarm zone.

    "We purchased the Buzzer Control package about five years ago and everything is still working fine." - Jeff Dalsin, Dalsin Industries Inc. Feb 20th, 2008 (Product purchased in March of 2003)

     “The buzzer software and hardware that we bought a few years ago is still running great” - Jacob Pena, Houston Shutters, May 12th, 2011. (Product purchased in April of 2007)

    "I am extremely happy with this product. I am not sure how you thought of this but before I found you, I was spending countless hours looking for a program like this. I am running this on a Windows 2000 Server box. Thanks again" - Alim Sunderji March 10th, 2005 (Product purchased in December of 2002)

    "Installed your product today and is working great. Very happy with it." - Danny Iammancini, Nefab  (Mar, 2012) 

    "Delivery and initial setup was fast! the product excided our expectations" - Rob Karagovski, CS Wind (April, 2012)

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bulletNo Endless Payments, Purchase and it's yours
bulletNo Annual Maintenance Fees
bulletNo E-mail/Phone Support Fees
bulletNo Extra Charges For Number of Users
bulletFree Software Upgrades
bulletSome products only offer one year of free support / upgrades
bulletControls two programmable relays, one for a plant buzzer system, and one (Aux) Relay for turning a device on or off at set times
bulletBuzzer Relay
bulletConnect your plant break buzzers directly to the relay controller
bulletUses Industrial relays controlling 120v up to 240v, 25a. (with provided relay, any relay with a 5v trigger can be used for maximum flexibility)
bullet120 Alarms can be programmed to fire in one of three five second preset patterns, and one variable 1-15 second Alarm sounding
bulletSelect the days of the week for each of the 120 Scheduled Events
bulletAux Relay (only used by 1 in 20 Customers for controlling another device)
bulletSchedule 60 ON / OFF times
bulletSelect the days of the week for each of the Scheduled Events
bulletCan be used as a second Buzzer / Alarm port (software driven)
bulletSoftware arrives via download link within hrs of purchase, have it all installed and your schedule in ready for your hardware to arrive
bulletSchedule can be viewed, edited, or printed by any machine on the network
bulletIntelligent device / Micro computer that will execute commands fully, never will your alarms be "stuck" in a "On-State" because of a system crash as other products.
bulletTested in various Manufacturing facilities for over 14 years.
bulletCan run in a hidden mode, or small panel mode that prevents tampering
bulletYou can sound many buzzers/horns from one Buzzer Controller
bulletNetwork Compatible, Runs on Windows 95/98/ME, Windows NT 3.5 - 2000/2003/2008, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7
bulletUses The Professional Installshield Technology for Flawless installs.
bulletOne of the Smallest Controller devices on the market for easy mounting, Hardware box including the interface ports is 3.8"L x 2.6"W x 1.3"D.
bulletThis is not "Canned Software"
bulletYou can purchase the Programmers Manual for making your own software to control the buzzer controller, our we can develop custom software for you at a cost.


Here is some pictures of the application, you can click on any image to load a full screen version.

Software Screen:


(Please see our new site for the current version;


Left Side:
DB9 Connector to plug into any standard Serial Port

Green Status LED, Housed in Rugged Metal

Right Side:
AUX Relay Port (Red RCA Style Connector)

4" Length x 2.8" Width x 1.3" High


DB9 Connector to plug into any standard Serial Port

9V Power Adaptor Port

Main Relay Port (Black RCA Style Connector)



A/C Relay (up to 240v, 25amps)

One is Included in the BC-15AC Kit

Optional item to allow the hardware to control one more device by the AUX Port


D/C Relay (Mainly used to interface with phone paging systems)

One is Included in the BC-15DC Kit

Optional item to allow the hardware to control one more device by the AUX Port


A/C Version Included Tyco Electronics Relay Information:

Tyco Electronics SSRT-240D25 25Amp, 240V Relay DataSheet

The Tyco Electronics SSRT-240D25 Relay used is a expensive hi-quality product designed for industrial applications.

D/C ~ Phone System Version Relay Information:

Crydom D60 60v DC Relay 

Included D/C Relay: Crydom D60 RELAY SSR 3A Biopolar DC Relay DataSheet

If You Can Not View The Above Documents: Get Adobe Reader





Price List (Traceable Courier Shipping Included Free!): 
NOTE: International Orders Shipping outside USA/CAN is Extra

Price (USD)



Product Description

$669.95 BC-15AC  

(A/C) Buzzer Controller System v1.5 (Complete Kit)
- Buzzer Controller Hardware
- Advanced Scheduling Software
- 9V Wall Adaptor, Energy Star V, RoHS Compliant
- 10ft Fully Shielded Serial Interface Cable
- Tyco Electronics SSRT-240D25 Relay (240vac, 25 Amps)
- Software Installation CD V2.0 & Lifetime FREE Upgrades
- Software Manual
- Includes Free Insured Traceable Shipping
$669.95 BC-15DC

(D/C) Buzzer Controller System v1.5 (Complete Kit)
- Buzzer Controller Hardware
- Advanced Scheduling Software
- 9V Wall Adaptor, Energy Star V, RoHS Compliant
- 10ft Fully Shielded Serial Interface Cable
- Crydom D60 RELAY SSR 3A Biopolar DC Relay 0-60v
- Software Installation CD V2.0 & Lifetime FREE Upgrades
- Software Manual
- Includes Free Insured Traceable Shipping




Additional Items at Time Of Purchase
(a Kit Above Comes with everything you need)

$9.50 BC-USB

Software on 8Gb Reusable USB Flash Drive instead of CD-Rom
$14.50 BC-25U

25ft Serial Interface Cable Upgrade from Included 10ft Cable
$65.00 BC-RELAC

ALARM or AUX / Tyco Electronics SSRT-240D25 Relay 240vac, 25 Amps
$35.00 BC-RELDC

ALARM or AUX / Crydom D60 Relay
$25.00 BC-SRC

Programmers Manual, and Sample Source Code For Making Your Own Software
$20.00 BC-FAST

ExpressPost EMS Expedited Shipping Upgrade

Visa MasterCard Discover American Express eCheck

Payment Options:

bulletSecure Online Transactions
bullet Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover Card, Direct Bank Debit, and PayPal
bulletMailed Money Order, or Company Check

In Stock / Quick Ship Status:

bulletUnits are Ready for Shipment within two days of order as of Thr, Apr 20th, 2017! (see our new site for better updates;


bulletSoftware Comes VIA E-Mail Usually in under 1hr, Get your software all setup, Schedule entered, and Ready
bulletDelivery in 2-4 Business Days on items in the Ready for Shipment Qnty from receipt of payment.
bulletIf no Quick Ship Units are Ready, Normally 4-6 Business Days from receipt of payment.
bulletAll items are shipped using traceable packaging /
bulletTracking number is sent via E-Mail when order ships

Track Your Shipment On The Go:

Available on the App Store BlackBerry App World



    Can the Buzzer Controller Also work with D/C Buzzers, or Phone System / Paging?


    Yes, the Buzzer Controller can control any 5v Triggered Relay, so the included A/C Relay can easily be changed to any DC/AC Relay required by the device you are trying to trigger. In The case of a Phone System you may need to purchase a Tone Generator, and would most likely need the (BC-15DC) D/C Relay configuration.


    How many buzzers can one controller control?


    It depends on your buzzers total amperage (25Amps), but in practice customers have 2-10 buzzers sounding from one controller, spread around 500ft+ of floor space. It could just as easily control 500 Buzzers by adding more relays.


    Why is there only three alarm patterns, and one variable length alarm?


    After various trials, we found that employees can easily distinguish between the three alarm patterns present, but adding a forth or fifth caused too much confusion. Most plants only use one alarm pattern for all their alarms. In the latest version of the hardware a new variable alarm code of 1-15 second is available.


    What type of Buzzer should I purchase?


    Any A/C buzzer will do that makes a sound you can hear in your plant. No two companies seem to of used the same buzzers. One product that some customers have used is Manufactured by Edwards, Product #874N5 AC Adaptahorn. PLEASE read the specifications and db ratings (How loud the horn is) so you know what you are purchasing. Again really any buzzer, combination of, or number of buzzers could be used.


    My computer only comes with USB Ports, can I still use the Buzzer Controller?


    Yes, you can use a USB-Serial adaptor, the software supports variable communication ports.


    Our main office is 2 miles from our factory, can we manage the schedule from our main office?


    Yes, there is a number of ways to do this, using your network, or with serial over IP adaptors there would be no limit to the distance the Buzzer Controller could be.


    If I have the schedule installed on my server, and my IT department needs to reboot the server do I need to exit the Buzzer Controller software?


    No, once the Buzzer Controller software loads it's schedule from the network drive then no longer accesses the drive. A connection to the server only needs to be present when the machine loads the software (if it is installed on a network drive.)


    If my computer were to somehow crash / loose power when the alarm is sounding will it just go on forever?


    No, The Buzzer Controller hardware has an intelligent internal CPU that processes all the commands from the computer, and will end the alarm sounding as expected. This is an important feature as many of the devices out there rely on just a +5v high signal directly from a serial or parallel port, we get a few sales a year from customers that purchased systems like that and the alarm goes off, computer crashes leaving the alarm going endlessly.


    If I purchase the A/C version then find out I need the D/C version do I need to Send the unit back.


    No, you can change the Relay on the Buzzer Controller hardware with any type or voltage that can be tripped by a +5v source, or you can return your relay for the alternate type.


    After my schedule is all programmed do I still need the Buzzer Controller plugged into my computer and the software running


    Yes, this is how the Buzzer Controller remains completely synced to your computer, or network time that your punch system (swipe cards, hand scanner, etc) uses. This also eliminates the risk of wasted Employee HRS as they wait to punch in or out. No matter how accurate a internal clock can be made this does not help as other devices drift in time so the best solution to this common problem is a active connection to the controlling computer.


    Can you show a simple block diagram of how the A/C Version of the Buzzer Controller is wired to the buzzers?


    The Black / Hot wire is connected to the relay's High Current terminals, the hookup is similar to wiring a light switch, where here the light switch is the Relay.


    How big is Buzzer Controller Hardware if we wanted to mount it in a panel / box?


    The Buzzer Controller's Hardware box including the interface ports is 3.8"L x 2.6"W x 1.3"D.


    How Reliable is the Buzzer Controller Hardware?


    As of Jul 15th, 2016 Not a single unit has been returned defective, and no customers have ever ordered a Replacement Part or Relay due to wear! Some units have been running for in excess of ten years 24/7. We only use the highest grade components, the A/C relay we use is industrial grade and alone cost in excess of $80. ( this is one example of how we only use quality components in the construction.



E-Mail:   at:

Mail: The Software Artist Limited, 195 Ellis Street, Chatham, Ontario, Canada, N7L 2L9

Phone: 519-784-7176 (Cell / Andrew H. Hochheimer)

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